The Key To A Productive Morning Starts The Night Before

Irene Chu
6 min readJun 4, 2021

Welcome back, kindred spirits.

Since 2014, more people have been interested in the morning routines of successful people, while evening routines haven’t garnered as much attention.

As someone who thrives on structure, organization and planning, I believe following a morning routine is fundamental for having a productive day.

However, the key to productivity starts the night before because you need to wake up with intention in the morning so it can expand and define the rest of your day.

This intention is cultivated through a healthy, restful evening routine.

Here I’ve listed seven tips that you can implement in your evening routine for more productivity, intention and meaning the following day.

1. Set your bed and wake up times.

Every Sunday evening, I plan my upcoming week.

I schedule my sleep in the same manner that I schedule all of my other activities because it is a priority.

When I schedule it, it ensures — more often than not, as it’s not always feasible because… life — that I get 7 hours of sleep.

Getting 7 hours of sleep is a priority for me because I:

  • Function more energetically, optimally and positively
  • Have more patience and empathy for others
  • Make better and wiser decisions

On the contrary, when I lack sleep, I:

  • Have lower energy levels
  • Have a much more reactive and victimizing mentality
  • Lack patience and tolerance for others
  • Am prone to making reckless and impulsive decisions

Lately, my bed and wake-up times have been 10PM to 5AM.

I am not saying that you need to follow my sleep schedule nor that it is essential for you to wake up early.

Your sleep schedule should be entirely dependent on your priorities, commitments and obligations.

What I am saying is that it’s important to prioritize sleep to function optimally.

Irene Chu

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